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  1. Oct 2015
    1. But those who are on island time tryto take the time to think, to connect with friends and neighbors, to smell theroses, to go out for a walk, or to take up time-consuming hobbies, likegardening.

      Hard for me to imagine this style of living as more than a weekend vacation since the need to be productive is greatly internalized. Always being on a fast track towards something whether it be academic, athletic, or personal I usually feel that I do not have time to "smell the roses."

    2. ‘But, no, really, island time is not just about being15 minutes late because the ferry is 15 minutes late’, Tony picks up again,‘it’s state of mind, it’s a way of living your life at a slower pace’.

      Is the idea of island time dialectic?

      In the sense that the ferry's pace shapes the place (people have excuses based on island time), and the place (way of living) shapes their slower pace of living.