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  1. Sep 2020
    1. If I - knew what his plan was, if I knew what Peter was doing, if I just - (he stops, cuts himself off) Can I? [The low rumble of the Archivist’s static begins to sound in the background. The Archivist makes a few sounds of effort, which begin to grow both louder and more ragged.] [Then the high-pitched static that resembles microphone static layers itself on top with its strange, musical, near-angelic quality, and it becomes clear that the Archivist is putting a lot of effort into this Beholding, and that, as in “Heavy Goods,” it is not clear how much of this he is in control of.] [He continues to struggle through the process, and as he does, the distinct squeaky static of Peter Lukas begins to fade in as well.] [There’s a sound that’s difficult to place, could possibly be some things knocked off of the Archivist’s desk, but which could also be the sound of a door opening. The Archivist groans.] [Then all at once, the static all fades out; the Archivist begins to regain his breath.]