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  1. Jun 2024
    1. Locking the conversation in this issue for the reason @stevvoe mentioned above; comments on closed issues and PRs easily go unnoticed - I'm locking the conversation to prevent that from happening
  2. Jun 2022
  3. Sep 2021
  4. Jul 2021
  5. Feb 2021
  6. Jan 2021
  7. Dec 2020
    1. locked and limited conversation to collaborators

      Why do they punish the rest of us (can't even add a thumb up reaction) just because someone was "talking too much" or something on this issue?

  8. Oct 2020
    1. Also, as a reminder to everyone, this thread is soft-locked and I will be marking as spam any comments that don't meet the criteria I described above.
  9. Sep 2020
  10. Apr 2020