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  1. Nov 2023
    1. Locke even grants absolute power to the master over them

      slaves seen as a necessary and embedded part of European life

    2. He argued against hereditary servitude, but the laws governing slavery in the New World allowed for it.
    3. t mentions that Locke strongly opposes slavery, he was involved in forming a colony where owning slaves was allowed.

      hypocritical, and contradiction

    4. This portrayal made them enemies of mankind and justified wars against them.
    5. He argued that colonization of America provided a solution to this problem, as it was seen as "free" land available for European settlers.

      idea that this is free to use as not being used for the proper purpose?

    6. It is important to note that Locke's theory only included certain individuals, propertied European men
    7. colonization in America was important for Locke's conceptualization of the state of nature and his defense of enclosure. Indigenous Americans were portrayed as hunter-gatherers, and only enclosed lands were seen as producing value.