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  1. Oct 2022
    1. Multiplying two objects will merge them recursively: this works like addition but if both objects contain a value for the same key, and the values are objects, the two are merged with the same strategy.

      Unfortunately, it doesn't merge/concatenate arrays. Sometimes that's what you want (you want the 2nd value to override the 1st but sometimes not.

      If you want it to concatenate instead, here are some workarounds:

      1. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53661930/jq-recursively-merge-objects-and-concatenate-arrays

      2. If you only need/want to concatenate for some fixed list of keys, you could do it more simply like this (but could get repetitive to repeat for each key you want it for):

      ⟫ jq -n '[{hosts: ["a"]}, {hosts: ["b"]}] | .[]' | jq -s '.[0] * .[1] * {hosts: (.[0].hosts + .[1].hosts)}' { "hosts": [ "a", "b" ] }