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  1. Jun 2021
  2. Apr 2020
    1. God gave the world to men in common; but since He gave itthem for their benefit,

      Drawing from the primary source questions, I think this source was typical of the time period in its essence. Though it contradicts the government by giving credit to members of the Enlightenment, I think the use of God as a way to justify his philosophy of the world was a commonality to the time period.

  3. Jan 2019
    1. D!saster and hazard researchers have recognized the social time aspect of disasters. Dynes_ (1970) alludes to social time regarding the social consequences of a disaster. Dynes observes that social time: is important because the activities of every community vary over a period of time duri�� �e day, the week, the month, and the year. S�c� patterned acuv1nes have implications for potential damage within thecommurnty, for preventative activity within the commu­�ty, for the inventory of the meaning of the disaster, for the rmm�?1ate tasks necessary within the community, and for the mobilizanon of community effort. (Dynes 1970, p. 63)

      As early as 1970 (pre-Zerubavel, Adam, Nowotny, and Giddens), Dynes suggested that social time be taken into account for disaster response.

      ** Get this paper. What social time work did he cite?