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  1. Oct 2022
    1. “The one inhibition I felt using AnswerGarden [was] knowing that the experts were typically busy and workingon projects more important than my little application programs....

      So rather than distributing input over time, why not have a one-day deep dive with everyone (luncheon retreat)?

    1. Out of this friction of competing ideas can comethe sort of improvisational sparks necessary for igniting organizational innovation.Thus large organizations, reflectively structured, are perhaps particularly well posi-tioned to be highly innovative and to deal with discontinuitie

      I agree! But do you expect MBAs to succeed in this area? Reorganizing companies to form such effective subunits and to incentivize the deeper though that innovation requires will be difficult on the shorter timelines upon which businesses operate.

    2. Reliance on formal descriptions of work, explicit syllabuses for learning about it,and canonical groups to carry it out immediately set organizations at a disadvantage.This approach, as we have noted, can simply blind management to the practices andcommunities that actually make things happ

      How can we learn and teach better in a grad school context with this in mind? Implications?

    3. The inadequacies of this corporation's directive approach actually make a rep'swork more difficult to accomplish and thus perversely demands more, not fewer,improvisational skill

      Anyone have stories about this in their employment history?

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      Page note: How does this relate to lab notebooks and their use in offering a window into lab practices and culture?