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  1. Jul 2022
    1. our systems are dysfunctional as 00:43:29 is and i would say that is evidenced by the fact that we are under extreme threat like you know what kind of sensible uh healthy 00:43:42 person puts themselves on a ledge hanging by their fingertips i mean like that's not something's wrong you know like you don't do that a a competent a cognitively competent 00:43:55 society does not push itself to what is could literally be the the early stage extinction you know that's there's something deeply wrong deeply dysfunctional 00:44:09 that we find ourselves in the situation that we're now in and we can do far better and we must do far better obviously if we're going to thrive and survive and not only that but as we talk about purpose we 00:44:22 we actually long we it would make us deeply deeply happy to do better to be to solve problems to be more engaged with a healthy society to 00:44:36 to really feel like there's a deep cooperation happening in society that would you know our hearts would burst you know of of uh of joy sort of we would be we would be happier if we 00:44:49 were a part of a society like that it's very stressful we were designed by you know evolution through evolution we have become we were i really every organism as we'll 00:45:01 talk about in a minute is a problem-solving organism and if i can't solve problems there's like a you know like fundamentally going against the grain of what it means to be an organism

      The proof is in the pudding. The extreme levels of suffering of our global society is a sign that there is something very wrong with its desigin.

  2. Jun 2017