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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Smokey Joe Whitfield
    2. intent on demysti-fying the Lion's self-imposed status as King of the Jungle.

      And perhaps also the assumed inferiority of spoken language as a vehicle of power.

    3. not be-cause he has been severely beaten but because he has been beaten, then Signified upon

      To be physically beaten is a set-back, but to have been verbally tricked by the monkey is a much threatening offense, because it has cut through his presumed power and revealed his vulnerabilities. This is the danger signifyin(g) poses, in that it exposes the game of signifying.

    4. Whereas he writes that the Monkey is a master of this technique, it is even more accurate to write that he is technique, the literariness of language, the ultimate source for black people of the figures of signification.