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  1. Jul 2021
    1. The deity commanded that the Moonstone should be watched, from that time forth, by three priests in turn, night and day, to the end of the generations of men. And the Brahmins heard, and bowed before his will. The deity predicted certain disaster to the presumptuous mortal who laid hands on the sacred gem, and to all of his house and name who received it after him.

      Through this paragraph, the author talks about the uniqueness of the moonstone as the only one escaped from the rapacity, and shows the spiritual myth behind the Moonstone. I feel it makes the moonstone more mysterious. The deity's prediction that disasters will happen to the ones who laid hands on the sacred gem lays a foundation for the rest of the story related to stealing the Moonstone. It also stimulates curiosity for the readers to test whether this sacred dream will be validated by the story or not.