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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Disciplined by understanding,one abandons both good and evil deeds;so arm yourself for discipline—discipline is skill in actions.

      It is not enough by only understanding the discipline, because discipline is skill that should be show by actions.

    2. People will tellof your undying shame,and for a man of honorshame is worse than death

      In this statement Krishna explaining the honor of participation in the battle than death, because if Arjuna do not participate in the battle then it will be a big shame for the rest of his life.

    3. Death is certain for anyone born,and birth is certain for the dead;

      In my view Indian people believes to the life after death, but what it means the adjective of certain for birth and death?

    4. decisively—Which is better?I am your pupil.Teach me what I seek!

      Arjuna is kinda confused with Krishna's speech. although Arjuna is not agree with Krishna in some parts, but still why he keep asking for his guide?

    5. Krishna, how can I fightagainst Bhishma and Dronawith arrowswhen they deserve my worship?

      Krishna believe that fighting against Bhishma and Drono is a big sin for him. because they do not deserve to be killed instead they deserve to worship.

  2. Jul 2019
    1. Phase 2 is a collaborative phase during which both teachers and students conduct think-aloud demonstrations and minilessons. Teacher modeling in the beginning of the phase gives way to student modeling in the latter half. Students take responsibility for teaching their peers a variety of online reading comprehension strategies. Instruction also begins to move from search skills to critical evaluation and synthesis skills. (See a complete checklist of skills.)

      Phase 2: Essentially students and teachers initially have a thinking brainstorm session about the topic/theme. Teacher is the model in the start of this phase and then lets the student take the reigns. Students have responsibility for teaching their peers online reading comprehension strategies. Also moves into critical evaluation and synthesis skills.