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  1. Sep 2023
    1. Since the Console UI is a web-based app running on the customer’s browser, there are a few challenges we had to overcome due to the limitation set by the browser environment. Typically, the SSH protocol runs over a TCP connection. However, a raw TCP connection isn’t allowed by most browsers.  Moreover, even if we had a way to support a direct TCP connection from within the browser, the Console UI still would not be able to connect to the target Droplet due to CORS limitation unless we assigned every Droplet a sub domain that complies with the CORS requirements, which is impractical.
  2. May 2020
    1. make it as easy to withdraw consent as to give it. The latter gets particularly interesting when considering that in some contexts, consent may be obtained “through only one mouse-click, swipe or keystroke” and therefore “data subjects must, in practice, be able to withdraw that consent equally as easily” per the WP29.

      It seems, then, that one should be careful to not make it too easy to opt in to something unless you are prepared to accept the liability for making it just as easy to opt out (which may be technically challenging).