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  1. Jan 2023
    1. There’s a caveat that we’re aware of—while Hydrogen and App developers only require one runtime (Node), Theme developers need two now: Ruby and Node.

      Well, you could write standards-compliant JS... Then people could run it on the runtime everyone already has installed, instead of needing to download Node.

  2. Jul 2022
    1. Since they are already using the Node toolchain for the front-end, developers from this track only needed to stretch a bit more to become “full-stack” engineers.

      Think about the irony of this.

  3. May 2022
    1. I’m gonna use Node!

      Reality: this has a lot to do with the problems here.

      Remedy: ignore the NodeJS toolchain bullshit[1], rip out the thing you're interested in, and stuff it into an ordinary page foo.hmtl.

      1. https://pg.ucsd.edu/command-line-bullshittery.htm[2]

      2. https://hypothes.is/a/22JaWMu5Eey2UvchosEz6Q

    1. To run it you need node.js installed, and from the command line run npm install once inside that directory to install the library dependencies. Then node run.js <yourExportedDirectory>

      Why require Node?

      Everything that this script does could be better accomplished (read: be made more accessible to a wider audience) if it weren't implemented by programming against NodeJS's non-standard APIs and it were meant to run in the browser instead.

    1. Here’s a super rough proof of concept Replit tiny library.

      There's nothing about this that requires Replit (or NodeJS, for that matter). The whole thing can be achieved by writing a program to run on the script engine that everyone already has access to—the one in the browser. No servers required.

  4. Feb 2022
    1. Currently you need to have Node and npm installed on your machine once this is done you can use it with the following command

      There's no real reason why Node/NPM should be required for this. You could dump the logic into a bookworms.html file and run it in the JS runtime that's already on someone's machine (their Web browser)...