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  1. Apr 2015
    1. The drought has reduced water supply to the extreme. The photo shows how even transportation through water so much that the ground has cracked severely. One with continuous water supply like me can only imagine the harm that this has caused to not only the humans, but the animals as well.

    1. The “underemployment rate” for young college graduates is 44 percent.

      This is crazy! You would expect that college and a degree would have some kind of aid on a persons ability to get a job, but according to stats, apparently not.

    2. This is an interesting acknowledgement, going with the rest of the article. Most people whom push students towards college only do so because college has been told to them to be a great option and the best way to achieve their dreams and also because going to college is nowadays an accepted system that is part of being a "good" student. As much as it may not be, would you question the worth of a degree? After all, many jobs require college level education and experience for them to even be considered. With this in mind, wouldn't a degree of some kind be of some worth? (I still agree with the rest of the article, just a question)