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  1. May 2019
    1. - The sonic design of this space creates a particular conditions of attendance, which in turn affect visitors perceptions of and interactions with media and architecture- Finishes, furnishing and a host of other design cu

      Interesting research and very organised layout of images and notes. Good job!

    1. ing up in Melbourne as a Vietnamese-Australian, I have formed a habitus of two completely different cultures. Although I grew up in Australia, I would say my habitus as a person would be more of a Vietnamese habitus rather than Australian; just because my parents both raised my siblings and I with a moderately-high level of formality in Vietnamese household and culture. Growing up as a Vietnamese Australian, whenever seeing someone older of Vietnamese ethnicity, whether it be a friend of my parents, or any relatives, I will formally greet them with a bow and say "hello sir/ma'am". This is how you would normally greet someone older than you when you bump into them on the streets or visit them at

      Good explaination on your habitus and how you used memories in it and your ethnicity.

    1. Very interesting concept! Your ideation process and research greatly influenced the final outcome of your design! Overall great job!

    2. Wow! What an amazing idea come to life. You have clearly shown your design process and overall idea. Such a creative concept. Well done!

    1. You have done a very thorough research and this is evident in your concept. I love your conceptual design, it's very interesting. Good job!

    1. I like the consistency of your layout, but some parts are a bit hard to read due to a light coloured text against the background pattern. Overall, interesting concept!

    1. Its interesting how you visited two different centres that both contradicts each other in terms of the sensorial aspect. It is obvious that you have done in depth research.

    1. Very detailed blog! It is evident that you have done an in depth research on the topic. Interesting concept of the design, I love how you made your columns as your sensorial feature. Good job@

  2. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. I love the construction of your model, very detailed and the use of people in your model for scale. Also, great mood board!

    2. procedures

      Love your model! Extremely detailed and so well made!

    1. elcome!

      Love your layout! such gorgeous colours and fonts

    2. The in-depth research on the Endeavour Foundation and the timetables of activities seems as though it would really benefit your planning of your floor plan, I also enjoy how easy to read and aesthetic your blog is.

  3. v3.pebblepad.com.au v3.pebblepad.com.au
    1. Eyes

      Very interesting points made about the eyes of the skin. Like your point about how the eyes have become the listening.

    2. importance

      Great key notes about the reading. Interesting point you made about how building goes beyond the architecture. As a society we are stuck in this visual fantasy, we are designing for that perfect photograph.

    3. Memory

      Really interesting how your mum interprets the smell of cut grass. For me cut grass brings a memory of school holidays during summer, spending the day in the pool.

    1. Presentation

      An amazing presentation! love how you included the senses included in each space. Such a great and very creative design.

    2. THE

      Such a gorgeous layout! So easy to navigate and love the images you have included.

    1. This is a university portfolio for the course '3636QCA IDE 3'

      Love your layout! so eye catching and easy to navigate

    1. 3636QCA IDE3 The Eyes Of The Skin Reading notes <img src="https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/fs/1c3fbc77200125.5c9c45e0c9fb3.png" srcset="https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/disp/1c3fbc77200125.5c9c45e0c9fb3.png 600w,https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/max_1200/1c3fbc77200125.5c9c45e0c9fb3.png 1200w,https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/1400/1c3fbc77200125.5c9c45e0c9fb3.png 1400w,https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/fs/1c3fbc77200125.5c9c45e0c9fb3.png 1920w," sizes="(max-width: 1920px) 100vw, 1920px"> <div class="lightbox-caption lightbox-extra js-lightbox-caption"> <div class="rf-profile-item js-profile-item rf-profile-item--light"> <a target="_blank" href="https://www.behance.net/laylamackeed5d" class="rf-avatar js-avatar js-mini-profile" data-id="176721517"> <img src="https://a5.behance.net/3a5d854f4c3988dc7d090a71bdab6d8ebbe32d5d/img/profile/no-image-50.png?cb=264615658" srcset="https://a5.behance.net/3a5d854f4c3988dc7d090a71bdab6d8ebbe32d5d/img/profile/no-image-50.png?cb=264615658, https://a5.behance.net/3a5d854f4c3988dc7d090a71bdab6d8ebbe32d5d/img/profile/no-image-115.png?cb=264615658 2x" class="rf-avatar__image js-avatar__image"> </a> <div class="rf-profile-item__info"> <a target="_blank" class="rf-profile-item__name js-mini-profile" href="https://www.behance.net/laylamackeed5d" data-id="176721517" data-from="lightbox"> Layla Mackenzie </a> <a target="_blank" class="rf-profile-item__location beicons-pre beicons-pre-location" href="/search?content=users&amp;sort=appreciations&amp;country=AU&amp;city=">Australia</a> </div> <div class="js-action-follow form-button-wrap rf-button__container rf-button__container--follow follow-button-container rf-button__container--follow-link" data-followee="176721517" data-entity="user" data-following="false" data-display-name="Layla Mackenzie" > <a class="js-form-button-follow rf-button--small rf-button rf-button--follow"><span class="rf-button__label">Follow</span></a> <a class="rf-button--small rf-button rf-button--secondary rf-button--following"><span class="rf-button__label">Following</span></a> <a class="js-form-button-unfollow rf-button--small rf-button rf-button--danger rf-button--unfollow"><span class="rf-button__label">Unfollow</span></a> </div> </div> </div>

      Great in-depth notes about eyes of the skin. Great layout as well, very easy to read and understand.

    1. You have executed a clear and creative design that shows a real in depth knowledge of sensory and inclusive design. It would have been good to see more hand drawings but overall a really solid design and presentation. Well done!

  4. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. Great summary of lectures and layout of content. Have you thought of adding in some hand drawings of images to better communicate your ideas and thought? Looking forwards to seeing the final project.

    2. Week 5 

      Great use of InDesign with the layout and colours. Have you considered adding more images into your most recent weeks to add a bit more explanation? All together great job!

    1. Well thought out presentation that is clear and very easy to navigate. Have you thought of maybe adding more hand drawings to better communicate your ideas? Really great research that gives a strong foundation for your project.

    1. Well thought out floor plan that creates direction. Creative idea and catchy project name. Really like the mix of hand drawn ideations and revit files. Can't wait to see the final project.

    1. In this map

      The mind map really portrays how much you have thought into all the ideas and the research you have learnt, and shows a good insight of your final proposal.

  5. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. Lecture 4:

      Very good understanding of Inclusive design. Some of your concepts here will be great to build upon when designing your centre

    1. Interview Research

      Great in depth research in regards the interview. It demonstrates a well structured interview and the response is a informative outcome for your sensory research. Well done!

    1. Weekly Learning Journal

      Neat layout and great summary and research. Good use of imagery also. Consider adding more research to show your findings on your re-design of the space, good job overall.


      Great notes, however, consider reorganising your paragraphs as it seems clustered. Detailed summary, just remember to keep updating your blog as you go, good effort!

    1. Week 1 Lecture: 

      Nice visuals overall, the consistency of the headings and graphics used makes it easy to read and understand. Maybe consider adding more research on your findings. Good job!


      Very nice layout and thorough research. It's interesting to see your spatial planning and how your research has influenced it. Good job!


      its great to see your research added! great find on the design for dignity! can't wait to see the final result


      Great process! You have a consistent show of process and it's great to see its progression. Great research

  6. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. Research on sensory design spaces 

      Great use of images to help your explanations! Also your interview with Jeremy is very interesting, the questions asked made for very thorough responses, well done!

  7. Apr 2019
    1. Layout is well organised and easy to follow. Great lecture notes and research. I like how you linked the purpose of each room to the appropriate meaning of the colour. Good job!

    1. Great summary of the lecture notes and personal reflections and also your in-depth research. Good job!

    2. Collective

      I like how you have colour co-ordinated your space for zoning, I am looking forward to seeing your final concept

    3. designe

      really easy to read blog! the research you have done has provided a great basis for you to create a really interesting space.

    4. Questions for staff at Endeavour

      Great questions to further develop your your understanding of the endeavour centres. This along with your in depth weekly content and research will evidently assist in creating a desirable outcome/concept for client. Well done!

    5. Research...

      Really in depth research to the Endeavour Foundation and NDIS. Gives us a good understanding of the foundation and company so it flows onto the final product of your assignment! Well done

    6. Week 5

      Great research and use of imagery that explores sensory design. This information is a fantastic foundation to build on for your assessment.

    1. Your blog is visually appealing and love the consistency of the layout throughout. Your notes and research reflects your in-depth understanding to the topic. Great work!

    2. Your blog is visually appealing - love the consistency in layout and font etc. I thought the two interviews were interesting and definitely eye opening. This information will be of great use in your assessment. Have you thought of doing personal reflections or talking about your habitus? Overall a very well thought out and researched blog.

    1. Great lecture notes and personal reflections. It'll be good to add images to appeal more visually. Good job!


      A great amount of content demonstrating you knowledge and understanding of sensorial design. The inclusion of your personal experience connects viewers and expands on your research and weekly notes. A few more images could help to separate or reference your in depth text. Well done!


      Great to see that your starting to put your journal together! You have amazing research on the drive that you should add, especially the research leading to our speech!

    1. It is obvious that you have conducted further and in-depth research outside class. It'll be really interesting on how you would apply this in your design. Great work!

    2. Week 1 - The colour in the blog text is very bright and fun! You might want to think about putting it on a darker background though could be difficult for some to read (like me)

    3. SPACIAL PLANNING AND CONCEPT <img src="https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/max_3840/794dc277568951.5cc042ea01500.jpeg" srcset="https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/disp/794dc277568951.5cc042ea01500.jpeg 600w,https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/max_1200/794dc277568951.5cc042ea01500.jpeg 1200w,https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/1400/794dc277568951.5cc042ea01500.jpeg 1400w,https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/fs/794dc277568951.5cc042ea01500.jpeg 1920w,https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/2800/794dc277568951.5cc042ea01500.jpeg 2800w,https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/max_3840/794dc277568951.5cc042ea01500.jpeg 3508w," sizes="(max-width: 3508px) 100vw, 3508px"> <div class="lightbox-caption lightbox-extra js-lightbox-caption"> <div class="rf-profile-item js-profile-item rf-profile-item--light"> <a target="_blank" href="https://www.behance.net/Marlene98m09b7" class="rf-avatar js-avatar js-mini-profile" data-id="78652373"> <img src="https://a5.behance.net/6b96ce900bf306d706ddec6141fc762db308e6f5/img/profile/no-image-50.png?cb=264615658" srcset="https://a5.behance.net/6b96ce900bf306d706ddec6141fc762db308e6f5/img/profile/no-image-50.png?cb=264615658, https://a5.behance.net/6b96ce900bf306d706ddec6141fc762db308e6f5/img/profile/no-image-115.png?cb=264615658 2x" class="rf-avatar__image js-avatar__image"> </a> <div class="rf-profile-item__info"> <a target="_blank" class="rf-profile-item__name js-mini-profile" href="https://www.behance.net/Marlene98m09b7" data-id="78652373" data-from="lightbox"> Marlene Morales </a> <a target="_blank" class="rf-profile-item__location beicons-pre beicons-pre-location" href="/search?content=users&amp;sort=appreciations&amp;country=AU&amp;city=">Australia</a> </div> <div class="js-action-follow form-button-wrap rf-button__container rf-button__container--follow follow-button-container rf-button__container--follow-link" data-followee="78652373" data-entity="user" data-following="false" data-display-name="Marlene Morales" > <a class="js-form-button-follow rf-button--small rf-button rf-button--follow"><span class="rf-button__label">Follow</span></a> <a class="rf-button--small rf-button rf-button--secondary rf-button--following"><span class="rf-button__label">Following</span></a> <a class="js-form-button-unfollow rf-button--small rf-button rf-button--danger rf-button--unfollow"><span class="rf-button__label">Unfollow</span></a> </div> </div> </div>

      Really great blog- your research is really informative too. Your initial concepts and zoning of the spaces looks great too and you can clearly see how your research has informed your design outcome- overall, great work! looking forward to seeing your final concept.

    4. presentation

      Great use of imagery and colour within your pecha kechu - really engaging. You could have definitely added some more images in your presentation of the personal experience of sensory loss to engage the audience further. Overall the layout of your blog is clear and well though out.

    5. These were the dominant textures and the textures that should be avoided out of respect. I mean these textures and colours put together ar

      I think it's great that you've begun exploring materials that should and shouldn't be used. Have you thought about add more personal reflection on items? I like the interesting aspects you've put in your blog, like photos & videos!

    1. Good personal reflections on the subject, overall great work!

    2. Learning Journal #3636QCA #AlexandraOehl 1 28 0

      Agreed, your reflection on the weekly lectures are good! It will be interesting and exciting to see your thoughts on your research!

    3. You have very in depth personal reflections on the content, well done!

    1. Great lecture notes and research! It is evident that you understand the topic. It will be interesting on how you will apply your research to your design.

    1. It is evident that you are updating your weekly blog, but it'll be beneficial if you organise it in a clear layout so it is easier to follow. Overall, good work!

    1. Great overall layout and summary of lecture notes and reading and also the in depth research.

    2. The eyes of the sk

      The images with your hand written notes are very nice, have you considered adding more images in to help explain your theories? Very interesting blog all together.

    3. My Habitus

      Really enjoyed reading about your Habitus, it gives a personal touch to your blog. Have you considered adding your research into your blog to show your process? Very neat writing as well!

  8. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. Good summary of lecture notes, really concise!

    2. Week 1.

      Really concise notes a good summery of the lecture and the reading

    3. great blog and layout. your notes are easy to read and visually quite effective. I had some trouble annotating on specific pages however will be great to see how your research has informed your design and some concepts you put together. I also think some imagery or hand sketches would strength your blog too

    4. Week 3.

      Great amount of in depth information for each week. There is clear understandings of weekly lectures and the images are chosen well to support your content. The images of personal handbook text could be a little more clear as it is hard to read. Overall great job.

    5. Week 5 

      Good outline and detail of each week. More information and pictures would add more depth but overall really good.

    6. Week 5 

      It's great to see such detailed lecture notes! Your weekly JPEGs are a little hard to see for some reason, perhaps it's the way you export them, perhaps it might be a good idea to check they are exporting at 300ppi or max quality. Good work!

  9. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. week 4

      Adding notes and further research would be helpful in understanding what you are trying to convey, rather than just having images.

    1. Your blog is easy to follow and is visually appealing. It is evident that you have deeply researched the assignment and it'll be interesting on how you would apply these to your design.

  10. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. I love the overall layout! It's neat and and well organised. Interesting reflections on the lecture notes and great depth of research.

    1. I like the overall layout, the notes are clear and easy to understand. Great summary of the book, however it would have been great if you also talked about your habitus.

    1. Habitus:

      Really interesting personal habitus maybe write a little bit about how this might affect how you design

    2. The role of the interior design in the design process

      interesting list! Nice lecture notes! it would be great to see other research on for this assessment!

    3. WEEK FIVE

      Great notes on the lecture content, might be beneficial to add some personal reflection or a summary on this.

    1. WEEK 1

      Really neat notes that cover the lecture well. Maybe add some images to support the notes taken in the lecture

  11. v3.pebblepad.com.au v3.pebblepad.com.au

      Really smart how you've written all over printed sheets, gives a good idea of your process. Maybe include some more images to relate back to your notes.


      Great work with your notes, the use of highlighting and note taking makes it very interesting to read. Have you though about adding more images to help explain your theories? Overall great addition to the blog.

    1. Week 1 - The inclusion of images in your lecture notes really helps break up the mass amounts of writing, very smart idea.

    1. My personal habitus

      Really interesting personal habitus. Maybe something to add could be how this might affect how you design today.

    2. My personal habitus

      I really like the fact that you added pictures to support the exploration of your personal habitus. Most of the design students are visual learners, and I think that including these visuals facilitates their comprehension of the concept even further. I also think the images from the existing learning center and your observations will be helpful for our peers to understand the state of the funding, gives them an insight into the current centre activities. activities I think that to further expend your ideation, you could approach the SWOT analysis by considering the design experience from the user, operator and community's point of view.

    3. Return Brief

      wow! your visit to Windsor was enlightening and insightful, especially with some of the points, which made me reconsider some aspects of my design! Great Job!

    4. Week one - lecture notes and reflection

      Cute layout, use of colour and imagery in the header. your attention to detail also appears in the layout of you slides, with the arrows and titles etc. Maybe in some places include educational imagery alongside your note photographs and filler drawings. Also, appreciate the organisation to update you blog weekly

    5. Final slide layout, reading order as follows:

      A very interesting method of layout for your speech! Your timeline is really well thought out, it has everything. A great help personally!

    6. Pecha

      I really like the handwritten process you have, even for your presentation. Maybe think about adding in more research of the client etc into your blog? I like your organisation for for your presentation.

    1. Key Information from Visit

      Great blog. It is clear that you have done a lot of research and it is well laid out in your blog. The information from your site visit is really informative too - thank you for sharing this with everyone! You have also shown a really in-depth & thought out approach to your design and I am looking forward to seeing your final outcome. Great work

    2. Couches and other soft seatin can pose problems in an active learning environment

      I really love that you're considering types of furniture for the spaces. Have you considered choosing some final designs and begin to expand on those? Good to see your process

    3. Active learning – interactive

      There are some interesting points in your research that i was yet to discover, such as that too much colour can be distracting, materiality of acoustic panels and flooring colour coding that helps define the space. Those are definitely some ideas that can be helpful for your peers to draw from :) It may be easier to read if the research text was separated with dot points or lines between each point.. The collage of the case study images conveys your design inspiration and direction very well.

    4. Research - Inclusive Design

      Really great research on inclusive design. The imagery was very engaging and made links to your text. The use of hand written notes, typed notes and imagery makes your blog very pleasing to read and shows your thinking/design process. Looking forward to seeing how your project turns out!

    5. NDIS - National Disability Insurance Scheme 

      I really like your use of mixed media, such as written items mixed with digital items. Have you considered adding personal things about you're finding the process or any opinions you may have? Good use additional info.

    6. Great variety of media; handwritten notes, typed summaries, images, icons and maps. Looking forward to seeing your Endeavour foundation research

  12. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. WEEK 1

      Your blog provides a great understanding of the lecture content. However the hand written notes are a little hard to read. I think by typing a summation of your notes and adding some visual imagery would really strengthen your blog. Nice work

    2. WEEK 1

      The hand written notes are informational and cover each weeks topics however some are unclear due to the way they are photographed and placed. Clear photos (possibly scanned) along with images and digital notes would create a more engaged platform to share with peers.

    3. WEEK 1

      Love the use of handwritten notes however would be good to mix it up and add a few digital notes as well. Overall great job

    4. WEEK 1

      Great that you're using hand written notes instead of relying on computers. Some imagery is needed and evaluation of your own habitus. Rotate that first image to be portrait. Anticipating you endeavor research!

    5. Week 2 Lecture Notes

      The use of written notes really shows your process, however some of the images are quite blurry. May need to upload again.

    6. Week 2 Lecture Notes

      Clever use of hand written notes, it adds personality. Have you thought of adding some personal reflections? Overall great work so far!

    1. sketch

      Really great blog! It is well put together and easy to navigate. Your initial floorplan sketch is great and i think that your research of spaces and inclusive design shines through in this. The reading area is also really great and a strong focal point for the centre. Looking forward to seeing your final concept. Nice work

    2. Break out room - initial design. 

      Really good and in depth research into the Endeavour Foundation and NDIS - amazing designs already. Can't wait to see the final product

    3. world he is expected to conform to. 

      Great interview with Luka's Mum explaining about his SPD. Love the images attached as it adds personality. Very insightful!

  13. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. Research - Designing for Intellectual Disabilities:

      really great research here and interesting findings especially surrounding way finding. some interesting concepts here that i think you could draw upon to create a really great space - i think including some imagery in your blog under your research would strength this too

    2. Lecture 3: 

      Great research into inclusive design and the NDIS. Have you tried to look into different designs from other countries that include those with a disability? Also interesting research into colour.

    3. Inclusive Design 2

      Great understanding of Inclusive Design and some good examples from the lecture. Include some images as a way of showing the relationships between the different stages of inclusive behaviour, otherwise really informative.

    4. Some things that make up my habitus are: 

      I think that considering your own habitus is a great idea, as it provides great examples for your peers in simple words, making the whole concept more comprehensible. I think that your Lecture notes highlight the key elements. It may be easier to follow the blog if the weekly content have been separated a bit more clearly - maybe making the headlines in a larger or bolder font would help :)

    5. habitus

      Great use of imagery when talking about your habitus. Maybe use of bigger size headings will make the blog easier to navigate? Really in depth research on sensory design.

    6. were due.

      great blog and the text size is large to make it easy to read- really insightful presentation

    1. Note for lecture

      Your written lecture notes are great and interesting to read, have you considered relating some of the topics like habitus to yourself to further explain them? Great work!

    1. Lecture notes:

      Great hand written notes, your notes about the lecture and examples are very easy to understand, have you considered adding more images in to help explain some of your theories? Great work!


      Really good lecture summary, but remember to keep updating your blog weekly. But overall very detailed and easy to understand and read

    1. LOVE the hand drawn floor plan. Have you considered some spatial planning to work through how rooms can fit in different areas? Great to see your ideas on paper!

    1. The most disturbing thing is that I walk in the crowd without any sense of security, only fear. At that moment, I experienced the feelings of deaf people more closely, and I understand why they like quiet space.

      I think that you expressed your feeling during the experiment very well, and you seem to have gained a greater compassion and understanding for the deaf community. I also think that your selection of visual material to support your research is unique and invites the viewers' curiosity. One aspect that I think could be improved is typing out your key lecture reflections rather than scanning in hand written notes only- I think your peers might find concise and clear notes easier to follow.

    1. 3636QCA IDE3_SORA HAN(S5120770) Sora Han • Follow Following Unfollow

      I really like the clarity and simplicity of the layout of your blog design it was very easy to follow and to read. I think that what will make it even better is if the images were a little larger, for better visual impact , and so it is easier to gather information from the visual examples. I also found your reading review very insightful, as my team mainly focused on his criticism of visual dominance, but your team explored the author's view on each sense.

  14. jessicalynch3.wixsite.com jessicalynch3.wixsite.com
    1. Really great research and layout of your blog, everything it well thought out and easy to navigate. Have you thought about maybe using some more images or even sketches to further communicate some of your ideas? Overall a really engaging and creative blog!

    1. Excellent use of imagery within your pecha kucha. Your sensory activity was well documented and did raise some questions about design - especially with paywave etc.

    1. Beginning of Return Brief

      Really great start to your return brief - very clear, concise and informing. Your mind map has a lot of great ideas, maybe some quick sketches would help with communicating your ideas? Overall a really engaging and creative approach thus far. Can't wait to see the final project!

  15. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. Sensory designs in architecture examples

      This was an interesting search! Awesome examples of sensory design! it would have been great to see your personal reflection on this


      Layout is very clear and I appreciate that you have used text rather than images containing text. You should include a little bit about yourself and your own habitus. Nice balance of text and imagery too

    1. This is our presentation recording.

      Interesting progress so far! It would be great if you could update your research. I am interested in seeing your progress!

    1. Tsz H

      Layout is neat. Include some points abut your won habitus and your assignment 2 timeline and some research. good work !

    2. Tsz Hin Leung_Harry_IDE3

      The way you use flow charts to get your point across is an interesting method. Easy to follow!

    1. Helpful glossary of terms related to the NDIS funding model.  

      Wow! your choices of research is truly inspiring and critical. You have brought up interesting research and points. FIGURE 1 - typology of meeting space layout, had interesting points, admittedly it was a little bit tricky to understand but aside from that your critical way of thinking is shining!

    1. The bottom kitchen drawer filled with uncategori

      I really like the personal touches you've put on your blog. I see you've started to put more handwritten things, have you considered adding more to show your process? Good use of photos!

    1. I really enjoyed reading about your personal Habitus. Have you considered adding more personal reflections throughout your blog? Good use of photos as well!

    1. Inclusive design #2

      Great blog Bronte, lots of clear information in a clean and organised format.

    1. Delenn Sheppard SE

      You have found really nice images! It would be great if we could see your thoughts on the lectures and some research notes as well! Have you considered perhaps joining all your weekly files to one file? It might make it easier to upload, but other than that this way works as well!

  16. amyboardman.wixsite.com amyboardman.wixsite.com
    1. WEEK 5 LECTURE - Inclusive Design 1

      Great layout and very clear and thorough. possibly a few more headings to add to seperate everything clearly


      Very clear and thorough in regard to weekly content. Wix layout is easy to use and very professional for presentation purposes, good work! I would just suggest in your Assessment 1 dot points to double check spelling in first sentence and possibly add a title or caption to the 'Presentation Recording' attachment link.

  17. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. WEEK

      I very much enjoyed they was you present your lecture summary, the imagery is great and clear.The text explanations are great, I can see how you thought of the lectures when you were listening.

  18. Mar 2019
    1. lecture 1 notes and personal reflection

      A beautiful and clean layout. easy and enjoyable to read. Perhaps if it is easier for you, you could just make the format in Behance. You can use the same colours, if u know the code for it. export the illustrations as jpegs and organise them as you please, this way editing your written content is easier and quicker to do then to export and import images.

    2. It's great to see a creative flair on the layout of each week. Makes it easier on the eye. The way you've put the handwritten items is great as it shows a process of thinking. Have you considered adding more hand written items to other weeks? Overall, the neatness and creativity of each week makes for an interesting blog.

    3. lecture 1 notes

      Great research! Have you considered adding images from the lecture?

  19. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. Great amount of notes for the lectures. Have you considered adding some reflection on how you felt after your presentation or even after listening to the lecture. Overall descriptive, interesting notes!

    2. 1 - Disability

      Great in depth notes int he first and last weeks to date. Are you aware your blog is missing some notes for Weeks 2 and 3? As well as a bit more visuals to help aid all the great content you have. Overall a solid effort!

    3. Lecture Notes 

      Great explanation of the lectures and reading. Have you considered writing about your own habitus? Overall a great amount of clarification.

  20. jessicalynch3.wixsite.com jessicalynch3.wixsite.com
    1. Great use of alternative material, such as the video. This adds extra depth to what you're learning. Have you considered adding handwritten items to show your process of thinking? Overall I think its great how you look further with additional readings and videos.


      great notes! Have considered adding extra imagery to support the lecture notes and what you have learnt from the class as well?

    1. rk swimming po

      Lots of great research and information. Your blog says tells the reader you have spent a vast amount of time collating the information you portrayed. It is possible i may have missed it, but have you considered defining your habitus? Otherwise, good balance of the text to imagery ratio!

    1. Your blog is playful and fun and makes the reading experience a bit less dragging. In saying that, some parts are left leaving the reader what it is they are looking at. Great content and a solid effort overall!

    1. Images to explain colour preferences

      Excellent imagery used to explain your habitus, and give us more of an understanding as to why those two colours are your favourite and least favourite. Overall amazing blog


      Really like that you have included definitions! extremely helpful, never thought of adding definitions to my blog, great idea.

    1. ’m sound sensitive, touch, smell and visually sensitive also.  I’m easily distracted by peripheral noise.  At university I couldn’t attend lectures because the sound of people tapping on keyboards, taking their pens out of their pencil case, whispering, any peripheral noise would distract me so completely there was no point in going.  Recorded lectures were the only way I could absorb the information.

      Interesting insight to what its like to live SPD, thanks Vicki!

    2. Following on from the previous article noting that fractal elements (mathematical equations that are recurring in infinite scale to infinitely)  are calming to those with SPD, this ted talk explains the relationship between African Architecture and fractal design.  

      This is a nice clean layout. Easy to read and consistent. Your analysis to "The eyes of the skin" was broken down well. Each point well explained.

    3. Sensory processing disorder is recognised in Australia as sitting within the Autism spectrum.  Many people with Autism,  experience sensory issues, however sensory processin

      Very insightful, research into the topic provides an innate understanding and analysis on related theory.

    4. Great Blog Outlook, opening your blog invokes feelings of suspense as you feel like you have to know what this blog is about. It starts out intriguing and then gets very wordy. I would recommend being consistent with word to image ratio all the way through. Otherwise, great effort!

  21. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. Week 1 Lecture

      Fantastic notes on the lectures, would be good to see some supporting images to back up these notes.

    2. The Seattle Public Library. 

      Providing images would be helpful in further understanding the critic of the space.

  22. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. All of these favourites

      Great use of images to further explain your ideas. Have you considered comparing your own habitus with one of your friends? Overall there's an abundance of useful information.

    2. Some things that make up my habitus are: 

      Great use of your own habitus. Maybe consider some handwritten content to show some "thinking" or processing. The images are good to give an in depth understanding of the summaries.

    3. ted our groups for Assignment 1 an

      Annotation Test - Very well researched blog. In the future more imagery would help us understand the content quicker. Great depth of work though.

    4. Habitus:

      Very in-depth and insightful! Love the images as well, great visual representation of your text. Keep up the great work

    1. IDE 3 - BLOG

      In-depth analysis of notes and reflection of habitus. Including more images would be great!

    2. Reading: The eyes of the skin

      Overall, great in-depth notes and reflections. Missing reading reflection. Interesting habitus reflection from someone who grew up with a different background/culture. More imagery could be used to link with notes. Good job!

    1. Week two

      Fantastic detail in your notes, Have you considered adding extra imagery to support these notes?

  23. v3.pebblepad.com.au v3.pebblepad.com.au
    1. 1 OVERVIEW

      Great timeline of each week, well researched. Have you considered putting more imagery with your habitus, as it would give us more understanding of who your are. Overall excellent blog

    2. Coffee

      Great choice of activity, especially going to three different environments to experience the space. A video may have helped the discussion, it could have shown what the person who had the ear plugs was not able to experience. Overall the activity relates well to the readings and pecha kucha. Well done.

    3. Above: This is an image I absolutely resonate with. Technology has almost widened

      Great use of digital media as well as hand written work. It makes the blog interesting when you can see your "workings" or thinking. Consider putting in some definitions that were brought up in the lectures. The in depth knowledge of the book was great and made for a interesting read.

    4. Jess: "Hi can I have a small latte please, thank you.”

      Very clever use of interaction with other people during your experiment - especially because you would have felt embarrassed and probably nervous, as would someone in your same position who has to live without hearing everyday of their life. It would be interesting to know how the girl at the cafe felt after having that interaction with you.

  24. www.behance.net www.behance.net
    1. WEEK 1

      Very well written notes and research, have you consider add some pictures?

    1. My Habitus

      Great explanation of your own habitus. Have you considered comparing your own habitus with your partners? Also excellent examination of The Eyes of the Skin.

    1. Book: The Eyes Of The Skin

      The inclusion of your understanding of the quote by Susan Sontag and the way your habitus is formed is interesting. Could makes notes a bit more in-depth or expand on a few points. Overall, good job.

    2. Library

      Your inclusion of the images of the libraries you are speaking about helps provide more understanding of the critic of the spaces. Good job.

    1. This is a really thorough and well presented blog. It is easy to follow and gives a good understanding of the theories. The research is also quite extensive. It was great that you also included your process and progress of your Pecha Kucha. I'm not sure what the purpose is for the "comment feedback" page separation. But if it isn't being used, it might flow better between pages to remove this? Otherwise, it is a really clear and consistent design, that uses good imagery to highlight points and notes.

    2. W E E K  1

      Love the layout! Very visually appealing and easy to clarify what you are wanting to portray. Couldn't fault

    1. IDE 3 BLOG

      A little reminder that you should have your name and course number under title

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