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  1. Aug 2020
    1. Ethereum and other smart contracting blockchains have failed to scale or provide any tangible benefits over the bitcoin blockchain itself. We are building a smart contract platform the way it should have been built the first time. On top of bitcoin.

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    1. The main job of TXO is to take a raw Bitcoin transaction and transform it into a structured format on top of which we can run all kinds of powerful query, processing, and filter.
  2. Jul 2020
    1. powping (https://powping.com/about) Features

      1. VALUE EXCHANGE NETWORK Provide value and get Bitcoin micropayments, or send Bitcoin to others for providing value. Or simply socialize, or tell stories. Any activity that has a perceived value to someone else can get a micropayment.

      2. FREE TO PLAY You do NOT need Bitcoin to get started. Anyone can INSTANTLY join the Bitcoin value exchange economy without spending any money or buying Bitcoins.

      3. BITCOIN NATIVE PowPing is powered by Paymail, a Bitcoin-native identity system. All actions on PowPing are cryptographically signed by your Bitcoin wallet's Paymail and encoded in Bitcoin transaction format. They are stored on the PowPing server and anyone can export and use them as absolute evidence.

      4. PEER TO PEER ON STEROIDS Take advantage of all the Bitcoin magic without having to pay any money for storing stuff on the blockchain. Settle evidence on the blockchain only when money gets involved through tipping.


      1. FREE, OPEN, PUBLIC We are an open community for everyone, not an exclusive group. Every interaction and every message on the site is open and public. And every action is FREE (except for when you want to tip). You DO NOT need Bitcoin to get started. The entire world is invited. Bring your "normal friends" to the party!

      2. MONEY IS BY-PRODUCT We do not focus on "monetizing". We focus on creating the best community for frictionless value exchange through social interactions. Money is just a by-product that naturally happens wherever there's value exchange.

      3. INTERACT, NOT SHOUT We encourage interactions rather than talking down. It's not where a small number of important people talk loud and the rest listen. Most of the value creation and exchange will take place in the comments section.

      4. PEER TO PEER ACCOUNTABILITY We are a community where people are held accountable for actions they take and statements they make. Every action you take is immutably signed by your Bitcoin wallet's Paymail and publicly distributed through the social network. Because of the public nature, everything on the site is a cryptographic evidence. All you need to do is be nice and keep your words.

      5. LONG TERM NETWORK VALUE We aim to build a long lasting value network where people make and nurture lasting and productive relationships. This is not a place designed to extract short term profit from people.


  3. Sep 2019