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  1. Mar 2021
    1. Cells reconstituted with WT-PALB2 showed substantially less sensitivity to olaparib than cells expressing p.A1025R and p.I944N (Fig. 4a). Similar results were observed for cisplatin treatment, although the difference in sensitivity was less pronounced (Fig. 4b). p.L24S, p.L1070P, and p.L35P were also associated with greater sensitivity to olaparib (Fig. 4c) and cisplatin (Fig. 4d) than WT-PALB2.

      AssayResult: 0.01 µM: 50; 0.08 µM: 35; 0.8 µM: 25; 8 µM: 10

      AssayResultAssertion: Abnormal

      Approximation: Exact Olaparib concentrations and assay result values not reported; values estimated from Figures 4a and 4c.