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  1. Mar 2019
    1. EXCLUSIVE: The inside story of Spankchain

      The TLDR of this is: Spankchain has found a "product-market fit" between people who are shut out of the conventional financial and banking system, and technologies that route around that system.

      What's good about this piece is the amount of detail and colour contained in it about ethereum mogul Joe Lubin—for instance, I've never heard such interesting quotes from Lubin before, who tends to be rather careful and bland in his public statements.

      The piece also gets into some of the usually obscure internal decision-making mechanics at ConsenSys, which is an entity worth following closely in Crypto-Land, because it has recently carried out a number of lay-offs, and is a barometer for the health of the ethereum blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general.

      Lastly there is a nice segue into some of the philosophising behind this venture, which unfortunately for me, leads us to notions of all-powerful artificial intelligences saving the world.

    2. slow, deliberative work ethic

      I'm not sure I've ever heard ConsenSys described this way. Most accounts I've heard are more along the lines of "confusing" or "chaotic".