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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Commonly, this is accomplished through a pub-licly available list of credential statuses (either listing the revokedor valid credentials).

      Claims about one's identity (authorized devices), could be maintained by the quorum of these devices. Or by a quorum of one's devices and his friends.

  2. Sep 2019
    1. Trade finance has seen more successful blockchain pilots than other use cases, but will historically conservative banks have the same risk appetite to move from testing to full-scale production? Where is this data coming from? Start your free trial today EmailWhere is this data coming from? Start your free trial today Email As trade wars intensify, banks are looking to blockchain as a way to streamline international trade transactions. Historically inundated with paper trails and inefficiencies, banks and regulators worldwide are teaming up to digitize the trade financing process. HSBC, Standard Chartered, and others belong to a range of consortia that have had successful pilots using distributed ledger technologies (DLT) to process live trade finance transactions.
  3. Jun 2019