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  1. Jul 2016
    1. Can you identify these next 6 films?

      I heart #6 - Run Lola Run! You have excellent taste in movies

    2. Can you identify these 6 films?

      Ok, I'm going to try a few 1) I'm hoping that's from 5th Element - Bruce Willis shouldn't do his hair that way too often... 3) The Mummy 4) Clue I don't have guesses on the others!

    1. I also participated in the Annotation Flash Mob

      Yay! I think it's such an interesting experience. Even if it isn't someone's "thing," it's a really great way of seeing the different ways a tool can be used.

    2. perform research to check the facts of the speech

      I love this idea. I'm sure I can work it into something for the library...

    3. I think most people do think that online learning becomes a lone activity, but it doesn’t have to be

      I would be sad trying to learn all by myself on the internet! Our networks (and cohorts:-)) are important in helping us shape and test our learning and knowledge. We push each other to greater heights!