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  1. Dec 2017
    1. Military

      The placement of this term is quite interesting within the curriculum. It is places under "III Mathematics Pure". This leads me to believe that what is being taught here is perhaps more geared towards strategy, game theory, and probability. All of these forms of mathematics can be paralleled with war-like concepts. The use of the term Military is also quite interesting, as opposed to simply putting "strategy". A distinction is made between Military and Naval. Does this imply that Naval mathematics will be a different concept of math? Perhaps physics of water-based transportation?

    2. his present year 1818, and having formed a board, proceeded on that day to the discharge of the duties assigned to them by the act of the legislature

      In 1818, America was experiencing significant landmark moments that developed an aura of patriotism. The White House was officially reopened, marking governmental growth and a place for all Americans to once again turn their eyes. The US flag is decided by Congress for 13 alternating red and white stripes and 20 white stars. Andrew Jackson, the General, was making historic strides towards taking land from those who had previously held the power in them. In the midsts of this great growth in America, it is quite plausible that the Commissioners felt their own pull towards making a mark on America's future. The patriotic-soldieresque diction employed in this brief excerpt, "discharge", notes the tone of the Commissioners as they developed this document. They had a tone of optimism, a hope for the future. Even though this document reveals major flaws in their vision, their optimism and energy is irrefutable.