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  1. Apr 2016
    1. Thank you so much, President Falwell. God bless Liberty University.

      No better place or person for Cruz to affirm his evangelical position in the 2016 election.

    1. To be right across the water from the headquarters of the United Nations, where I represented our country many times.

      Speeches like this are often given in symbolic locations. Clinton is on her own turf--nearly a year later she would win the New York primary.

      But the United Nations reference and background here further symbolize the fact that Clinton has extensive political experience--primarily as secretary of state.

    1. It's great to be at Trump Tower.

      Speeches are often made at symbolic spaces--like Obama's "A More Perfect Union" delivered steps from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. If this location is symbolic of anything, perhaps it's Trump's egotism.

    1. This campaign is not about Bernie Sanders.

      While this is no doubt a rhetorical move--no one running can president can really be that humble--this is a stark contrast from Trump who announced his candidacy in front of cameras at a building named after himself.