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  1. May 2017
    1. Enrollment in ethnic studies was automatic for students who had eighth grade GPAs below 2.0 and voluntary for those with GPAs above 2.0. The scholars narrowed their observations to a population of 1,405 ninth graders, and compared attendance rates, GPA and grade credits earned for students who came in closest to each side of the 2.0 threshold.

      All these good affects and people still don't want ethnic studies.

    2. Last year, California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed legislation proposing to require ethnic studies courses statewide,

      WOOOOOWWWW !! Why are they limiting there learning

    3. Arizona, California, Oregon and other states debate adding or taking away such curriculum from their schools

      I don't know what's the problem with having an ethnic studies class to be honest.

    1. France has banned supermarkets from throwing away food

      "I think around the world that should be a law as well."

    2. The retail version of this experience might be a farmer’s market where a bunch of ramps or sheaths of leeks would be shunted aside if they couldn’t pass muster on a Nancy Meyers set.

      "WHAAAAATT! That's so shady"

    3. “Vast quantities of fresh produce grown in the U.S. are left in the field to rot,

      "All that fresh produce can go to a family of need but it's just rotting doing no good to anybody."

    4. roughly 50 percent of all produce in the United States is thrown away

      "Dang, now I feel bad that I'm adding on to the problem."

  2. Feb 2017
  3. Dec 2016
    1. Skill Trees

      No representation of skill trees captures the concept completely, but what I hope is evident on this page is that any Badge, with its related Playlist, should be connected to other Badges and Playlists that come before (in this case, above) it, and it should be one of a few available choices (represented in this case by other Badges and Playlists on the same row), and that it leads to other Badges and Playlists (below it), and that what comes next has choices as well.