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  1. Jan 2018
    1. the most persistent object metaphors expressive of belief” seem embedded in polarities

      The article by Josh Lepawsky about the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) does not seem to show how the material culture (CRT) expresses or showcases a polarity.

    1. The article about the CRT does not seem to follow the Prownian Analysis as it does not use any of these ways to describe the CRT.

    2. The CRT had an emotional impact on families as it was a center piece for a family room and families gathered around to watch broadcasts. This could be a testament to the emotional connection.

    3. Haltman talks about how "intellectual detective work" (Haltman) can lead to a pattern of use. The CRT article talks about how the CRT was used and the different technological advances that stem from it.

    4. Haltman describes that objects should be described in an active voice, but the article about the CRT uses a passive voice for descriptions. For example, "CRTs were introduced..." or "CRT has entailed..." (Lepawsky).