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  1. Feb 2022
    1. The extremely high tax rate and the fact that the losses cannot be offset would invariably propel investors to turn to alternative means of storing and undertaking transactions in cryptocurrencies, without foregoing the significant losses involved as they “switch” back into the rupee. An inadvertent upside of this, then, is the prospective conversion and reallocation of crypto-funds from one form to another.

      what are the alternate approaches of cryptocurrency investor if not turning into rupee

    1. In addition to local intelligence and favourable terrain, Pulakeshin had access to the tanks of the ancient world. Elephants. These deadly creatures possessed the mass and sheer shock value needed to break almost any immobile enemy formation sent against them.

      Elephants are armour tanks in Ancient Indian Battle

      • [[=!R How Elephants in Ancient Indian Battle are fierce giants]]

        To the hypnotic beating of battle drums, the elephants were followed by bands of elite hereditary warriors wearing loincloths and minimal armour, also drunk on alcohol. Darpasata - comes in next lines of this article - Banabhatta in Harshacharita (Harsha's deeds)

  2. Jan 2022
    1. it is only in equity funds/hybrid aggressive funds that you can turn market volatility to your advantage, by investing on dips and lowering costs. In the absence of that volatility, you get no averaging benefit; in such funds, as long as your timeframe is right, it doesn’t matter whether you invest through SIP or lumpsum.

      SIP Averaging benefit in high volatility (aggressive hybrid funds)

      • ? role of correction
    1. When credit-linked economic stimulus has an uneven impact on growth recovery, the significance of fiscal dominance cannot be undermined

      R? - clear about Fiscal dominance