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  1. Jan 2022
    1. “We, the People” in the Constitution is not a mere literary embellishment but central to a republican constitution.

      => Aesthetics in Lierature can be in other way called as...

      • Literary embellishment
    1. The dramatic value of this scene lies in building up the audience’s admiration for the hero so that the shock is greater when he is wrongfully killed in the very next scene.To enhance the tragic intensity, Ilango brings Kovalan and Kannagi together in the last scene before Kovalan’s death, when Kannagi serves him the delicious food she has cooked for him. They seem to be enjoying the blessings of a happy married life after a long gap, but Destiny has the last laugh. The lunch proves to be Kovalan’s last supper.

      Last supper of Kovalan

      • anklet laughing at kovalan