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  1. Mar 2023
    1. With comprehensive drag-and-drop email builders like Mailgun's Drag-and-Drop Template Builder, or a responsive email language like MJML, you can create and change up your email marketing campaigns with ease
    1. Code your own template with HTML, or use our markup language MJML, the only framework that makes creating responsive designs easy.
  2. May 2021
    1. Would you rather use a friendly drag-and-drop interface rather than coding? Try Passport, the email builder based on MJML!
    2. Components are the core of MJML. A component is an abstraction of a more complex email-responsive HTML layout. It exposes attributes, enabling you to interact with the final component visual aspect.
    3. MJML has been designed with responsiveness in mind. The abstraction it offers guarantee you to always be up-to-date with the industry practices and responsive. Email clients update their specs and requirements regularly, but we geek about that stuff - we’ll stay on top of it so you can spend less time reading up on latest email client updates and more time designing beautiful email.