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  1. Sep 2015
    1. I share that bizarre thought with you because it underlines how difficult it is to decode imagery createdbya vanished culture.

      Reminds me of Gaiman's story about preserving the warnings about nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain, in his How Stories Last LongNow talk. In the end, the recommendation was to invent a culture.

    2. Attempting to read even the most seemingly obvious of these signs can lead us astray.

      Reminds me of the stories about Picasso and Lascaux.

    3. So, how can yougroup the symbols of a culture that no longer exists?

      The implication here is that they symbols do not meaningfully exist outside of culture?

    4. We, however, can change rapidly, through invention,discovery, and communication

      There's a lot bundled up in these words: invention, discovery and communication.