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  1. May 2019
    1. Gene set enrichment analysis is a leading computational method for placing newly acquired high content data in the context of prior biological knowledge (1). Gene set enrichment analysis tools such as DAVID (2), GenePattern (3), WebGestalt (4), AmiGO (5), Babelomics (6), GeneVestigator (7), GOEAST (8), Panther (9) and Enrichr (10,11) have been widely used, demonstrating the utility and relevance of this approach for many diverse studies.

      Is GSEA really the leading method now? Not NEA?

  2. Mar 2017
    1. The very scientific ideals of an "imper-!;CUJ,\~ sonal'' terminology can contribute ironically to ~tv., such disaster: for it is but a step from treating I · o· ,~. inanimate nature as mere "things" to treating ani-(.M,"J" t4"'\~ mals, and then enemy peoples, as mere things

      This also reminds me of common appeals to the humanities: we need the humanities because we don't want science to get out of control and forget the very human consequences of advancements and experiments, such as war technology.

  3. Feb 2016
    1. He reports that the company is expecting to bring in $150 million in funding total this year -- more than the $146 million provided by the National Endowment for the Arts, the federal agency charged with supporting the arts (many Kickstarter initiatives are art projects of one kind or another).

      This is not all that shocking if you think about it, but still a pretty incredible statement about the culture economy at this moment.