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  1. Apr 2020
    1. In order to prove the concept of exogenous GalNAc-specific iLNP targeting in wild-type mice, it was necessary to first inactivate the endogenous apoE-based targeting mechanism for iLNPs

      Is that really the best proof of principle available?

    2. Exogenous targeting

      Nice experiment. Slightly philosophical point maybe, but does "rescuing activity" (which would occur without doing anything in a normal animal, these particles) really "exogeneous targeting".

    3. Figure 3. Loss of LDLR impairs iLNP activity in vitro and in vivo

      This is quite strange. One would expect that removing the receptor would reduce binding, but here the main effect seems to be not on binding to the membrane but to uptake.

    4. ∼80%

      80% silencing with LNPs

    5. Figure 1

      The presentation in Fig 1c is relative to no ApoE. It gives the impression that iLNP is hugely better that cLNP but that is not the case as 1b shows.