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  1. Jan 2022
    1. Testament of Pietrobono Burzelli

      This is his will- This is so cool!

    2. His Venetian wife Antonia is cited as the sole heir to his property

      Ah, there's his wife. How long had they been married? Also, considering the hellenistic/greek culture which Leonello was emulating, having wives was not neccessarily a proof against queer relationships between men- they co-existed in different spheres, and it seems that classically marriages were secondary to the male-male relationships.

    3. These find-ings demonstrate the important function of musicians in diplomaticrelations.

      This isn't something I really considered, but Pietrobono himself is a sort of political tool

    4. Private students sought him out for instruction, as demonstrated bya 1465 teaching contract, in which Pietrobono agrees to teach his studenteach day in the student’s home “the art of music on the cithara as well ashow to play seven songs well and worthily,” all in exchange for six yards ofblack cloth and a gold ducat—but only if the student succeeds in learn-ing the seven songs.7

      This tells something of Pietrobono's own character- confident, perhaps a little proud. He has great skill, and really wants to make sure the student grows through his learning. Also, he's willing to do a private one-on-one teaching, which you might not expect when someone is at the level of serving princes and kings. Also, all he asked in exchange was black cloth and a single gold ducat- what does this really mean? It seems strange

    1. In the absence of musical notation of works by, or even performed by, Pietrobono, save references to the regional or national repertories he performed, and the titles of a handful of works taught by Pietrobono to his students during the last two decades of his life, with what are we le

      We are missing a lot of musical info about Pietrobono because of the tradition of non-notarized playing of music and singing.

    2. At least now Ferrara should more confidently claim Pietrobono as her own

      So by the end the author does believe that Pietrobono is Ferrarese. Something I've noticed so far is no mention of a marriage between Pietrobono and anyone else.

    3. e - bearing the inscription 'Orphe

      "Surpassing Orpheus"



    1. semblage of musicians. Pietrobono remained on the scene, and in Augus


    2. Letter from Pietrobon
    3. His return to Ferrara did not simply coincide with that of Beatrice, in 1500, after the death of Matthias Corvino. We find him once again in the Ferrarese salary rolls in 1493 and 1494, and in 1497 his death is recorded on the date Se

      Pietrobono was connected greatly with Ferrara long after Leonello's passing

    4. A portrait medal of Pietrobono had been struck in 1

      In the same year as Leonello? Was it also done by Pisanello? I should investigate.

    5. e gift of twenty gold ducats given to Pietrobono at this time is substantial and impressive evidence of his status, at a time when he was - if the frequently repeated birth date of 1417 can be substan tiated - not more than 24 ye

      Why was his "gift" payment so high? How high is it in comparison to what it should have been?

    6. o, shows us that by August of 1441 he was already in Leonello's personal service, just prior to Leonello's rise to the rank of Marchese in December of that y

      Pietrobono in service to Leo specifically even before he became marquis.

    7. y: it is known that Pietrobono's surname was « de Burzeris » or « de Burzellis »; that he was a native of Ferrara, the son of a certain Baptista and his wife Marga

      Pietrobono de Burzeris/ Burzellis