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  1. Dec 2021
    1. urre

      funeral benefit: Not mentioned

    2. after 30 days

      number of days to cancel with refund: 30

    3. u can stop your insurance at any other time. Once you tell us, your insurance will end on the day before your next monthly payment is due to be collected. Any monthly payments made to this date won’t be refunded

      Cancellation after 14 days: No refund (after 30 days)

    4. When your insurance starts, we’ll send you information about your right to change your mind and cancel your insurance. You have 30 days from the date you receive this information to do this. If you cancel within 30 days, we’ll refund any monthly payments you’ve made to us, unless we’ve already paid a claim under your insuranc

      Cancellation within 14 days: £0 (within 30 days)

    5. The maximum we’ll insure you for is limited to a total monthly payment of £50

      Maximum pay-in: £50 per month

    6. business

      Cash in?: Not mentioned

    7. available on o

      Serious illness: Not mentioned

    8. www.aiglife.co.uk.

      Terminal illness: Not mentioned

    9. up to a maximum annual increase of 10%. W

      Increasing amount: RPI (up to 10%)

    10. If you die after your insurance has been active for two years, we’ll pay your insurance amount

      Insurance active for 2 years: 100%

    11. If you die for any reason other than accidental death within the first two years of your insurance, we’ll pay one-and-a-half times the monthly payments you’ve already made, provided your insurance is active

      Non-accidental within 24 months: 150%

    12. In the event of accidental death within the first two years of your insurance, we’ll pay three times your current insurance amount, provided your insurance is active.

      Accidental death within 24 months: 300%

    13. The protected insurance amount will always be lower than your insurance amount and will be calculated as follows:current insurance amount X number of monthly payments you’ve already madenumber of payment months between when your insurance started and your 90th birthday

      Amount of protection: 50%

    14. f you cancel your insurance or stop making monthly payments, this is the amount we’ll pay when you die provided you’ve made at least half

      Qualifier for protection: At least half the premiums that are due from when your cover started

    15. protected insurance amount

      Protected payment: Yes

    16. we’ll cancel your insurance

      No mention of suspending cover / payment holidays

    17. you miss any payment and you don’t pay it within 30 days

      missed payments allowance (days): 30

    18. You can ask for the increases to stop at any time

      For increasing: Yes; for level: No

    19. 90t

      At what age does paying premiums stop? (Age in Years): 90