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  1. May 2021
    1. Central to their magic is the idea of Information as a metaphysical component of existence.

      alas for my much beloved masters of correspondence & connection, this ultimate-view sounds like dreary essentialism.

  2. Oct 2020
    1. And so, engineers are faced with two realities. One reality is the atmosphere of new technology, its incredible power to transform the human condition, the joy of the art of doing science and engineering, the trials of the creative process, the romance of the frontier. The other reality is the frustration and drudgery of operating in a world of corporate politics, bureaucracy, envy and greed— a world so depressing, that many people quit in frustration, never to come back.

      alas most technology itself is more Prescriptive & mechanistic than it is Holistic & creative. most users live in an easy to use commercialized mechanized environment, their entire lives. they are afforded some capabilities to be creative, but the regime of computing at large is oppressive & controlling, is increasingly un-personal, far away, in some cloud we cannot see or control.

      techies have let computing become a bad part of reality. and in my mind, its because not enough of us have opted to use it personally, in personal manners, to set up forward bases for a more liberated computing experience, first for ourselves, for the alpha geeks, & to have that radical departure into optimism light the way for others, to get glimpses of what better ways might be.

      we must live the better existence ourselves, techies.