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  1. Sep 2018
    1. we are the campus.

      This small sentence bring home the point of education and it's facility lie in the people interacting with the content, not the material things like the campus or the physical classrooms themselves. In this age of rapid technological innovation, it's liberating to be able to access education despite personal barriers such as distance or time. It was only a decade ago when these factors would have prevented people from satisfying their intellectual curiosity and achieving their academic goals. However because of the innovations afforded to us by the pioneers of the tech industry, we now have the freedom to access communities of people with similar goals of advancing their education. We no longer have to travel far distances to physically meet with our peers and we now have the leisure to access our educational material at a time we see fit. I do, however, acknowledge that there's a lot to be gained by physically engaging with our peers in a classroom setting such as the ability to have group discussions or the ability to bounce ideas off of one another in the moment; but it's the idea that we have this option, this flexibility, of interacting with educational content online which really bring home the point of the annotation: that learning is really about the community of people you learn with and that our interactions with our peers create a more powerful experience despite any barriers of distance or time. I think it's important to reflect on how far we've come in terms of the tools we have available to us and I'm really excited for the opportunity to consume education through a progressive, new curriculum.