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  1. Apr 2021
    1. Sweetshrub grows best in average to rich, well-drained soil in anywhere from full sun to deep shade. It prefers some shade in hot summer afternoons and it will grow lankier and less dense in shade than in sun. It is tolerant of a wide range of soil textures and pH but prefers rich loams.  Plant it 3 to 5 feet from other shrubs to give it adequate room to grow.  It blooms in early spring before leaves emerge, with the leaves, and sporadically thereafter.  

      Very tolerant of shade or sun and most soils.

  2. Oct 2020
    1. Journal of Education & Social Policy Vol. 7, No. 1; March 201725The Technology Driven Student: How to Apply Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy to the Digital Generations

      The authors describe Bloom's Digital Taxonomy for use with digital learning. They summarize Bloom's Taxonomy, describe the changes to the Revised Taxonomy, and give suggestions for using the Digital Taxonomy. The Digital Taxonomy includes ways to use Web 2.0 technology and updates vocabulary to align with current technologies. It also takes into account that students are now content creators and not only content consumers. Content creation can be aligned with Bloom's Taxonomy. While this is not a study, it cites studies for all topics discussed and succinctly connects the changes in higher education students, technology developments, and Bloom's Taxonomy. 9/10