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  1. Jun 2024
      • This package can convert files between different document formats.

      • It provides several classes that can take files from one document format to another document format.

      • Currently, it can convert document files between:

      • Microsoft Excel to PDF

      • HTML to PDF

      • Image to PDF

      • Markdown to PDF

      • PDF to Microsoft Excel

      • PDF to HTML

      • PDF to Image

      • PDF to Markdown

      • PDF to RTF

      • PDF to Text

      • PDF Word

      • RTF to PDF

      • Text to PDF

  2. Jul 2022
  3. Apr 2022
  4. Feb 2022
    1. Do you want to convert your HTML website to a WordPress website? But don’t know how? This blog will tell you three simple ways to convert your HTML website to a WordPress theme.

      WordPress allows people to create websites with no coding experience. Most people who still use HTML websites don’t know- how to convert them into a WordPress site, especially without losing content or needing to do excessive formatting on a page-by-page basis.

      Thankfully there are many ways to move from Static HTML to WordPress. This blog will see three different options to convert HTML to WordPress.

  5. Mar 2021
    1. The reason Final Form does this is so that pristine will be true if you start with an uninitialized form field (i.e. value === undefined), type into it (pristine is now false), and then empty the form field. In this case, pristine should return to true, but the value that the HTML DOM gives for that input is ''. If Final Form did not treat '' and undefined as the same, any field that was ever typed in would forever be dirty, no matter what the user did.
  6. Mar 2020
  7. Oct 2019
    1. There are many strings which I need to convert if not undefined. I could do as follows: { date1: date1 ? formatISODate(date1) : undefined, date2: date2 ? formatISODate(date2) : undefined ...
  8. Aug 2019