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  1. Jan 2022
    1. Federal Trade Commission

      Come on, people. It's the "Trade Commission". They're not a health agency of any kind, they're about keeping the trade status quo. When was the last time you ever heard of a "Trade Commission" say what's not in the interest of the biggest trading partners? Great Scott, "Federal Trade Commission", "United Trade Federation" from star wars ... same thing. Yeah, that was just a movie, but the algorithm is the same ... they're run by the most powerful banking and business conglomerates to subjugate the masses for maximum profits for those who put the FTC commissioners into place, paid for with campaign contributions, soft money, under the table deals, you name it. Not a health organization, and even if it were ... it's a lobbying organization under the false guise of a research entity. Look at the historical credentials of the members. Cronyism incarnate.

      Same with FDA ... it's a regulatory agency, not a research branch of the government. The NIH ... that's a research branch (although there is cronyism there too, it's not as bad, being just research, no regulatory authority). The NIH does not agree with all the contentions here. For many of the mentioned treatments they agree, but for many others of these "treatments", although they are not cures, the NIH has repeatedly said "not enough data" to make a conclusive assessment. The NIH admits there is "scientific evidence" for some of these, although, again ... not enough in their opinin to recommend them. That's different than discouraging them and labeling them all failures.