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  1. Nov 2016
    1. Opponents concentrate on the 20,000 or so oaks and other trees to be removed on the Walt Ranch. The county stresses the 221,429 trees that are to remain.
    2. But the county disputes Circle Oaks claims that environmental impact report’s groundwater section has numerous errors and requires vague and unenforceable safeguards for Circle Oaks water.
    3. the county holds to the environmental impact report’s assertion that vineyard project erosion control steps would reduce erosion from the property by 44 percent.
    4. The county responds that the environmental impact report includes the necessary analysis for species found on the Walt Ranch. For example, it says, the California longhorn elderberry beetle and not the valley elderberry longhorn beetle live there.
    5. The project has shrunk since the Halls proposed it in 2007. The latest version calls for 209 acres of vineyards within 316 acres of graded areas—including roads and other features — scattered across the 2,300-acre Walt Ranch. No winery is proposed. The original project was for 397 acres of vineyards within a 538-acre development area.
    1. Notice is given that thePBES Directorhas approvedAgriculturalErosionControl Plan No. P11-00205-ECPA which generally conforms to theReduced Intensity Alternative described in the Final EIR and consists ofapproximately 209 netacresof vineyard (±316grossacres).
    1. The 2,300-acre Walt Ranch is located in the mountains between the city of Napa and Lake Berryessa along Highway 121. The Hall family — owners of Hall Wines in St. Helena — asked to create 356 acres of vineyards with a 507-acre total development area. The development area includes such things as roads.

      Not finding a source yet for the 209-acre statement in the subject article.

    1. The gross value of winegrape production was $546,933,900. Overall winegrape values decreased nearly 24% compared to the record setting 2014 values. Total tonnage dropped nearly 29% compared to the record yields of the previous years. The total value of all agricultural production was $553,346,300.
    1. Napa County (population 142,000)

      US Census, July 2015

    2. "environmental responsibility," "sustainable stewardship" and "commitment to the greater Napa Valley ecosystem."

      Where are these quotes from?

    3. the Walt Ranch proposal: 209 more acres of vines replacing woodlands and chaparral
    4. a county enjoying a $13.3 billion boom from agri-business
    5. 3.3 million tourists throng its 500 wineries annually
    6. the Bay Area's 7.5 million urban residents