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  1. Mar 2024
    1. whoever came up with Apple's property list format didn't really understand how XML and/or SGML-like tags actually worked. Does it make sense to you that p-lists have stuff like <key>WebResourceData</key> instead of simply just <WebResourceData> ? It's like they were confused
  2. Dec 2023
    1. The most important takeaway from exposing these myths is that productivity cannot be reduced to a single dimension (or metric!). The prevalence of these myths and the need to bust them motivated our work to develop a practical multidimensional framework, because only by examining a constellation of metrics in tension can we understand and influence developer productivity. This framework, called SPACE, captures the most important dimensions of developer productivity: satisfaction and well-being; performance; activity; communication and collaboration; and efficiency and flow

      A good thing about this framework is that while it's intended to measure productivity in a more objective manner, it doesn't eschew subjective dimensions like satisfaction and well-being, which are largely personal and self-reported