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    1. to hold him to account for his abhorrent actions and harmful speech. RMS should not be part of the FSF." Fisher continued, "The movement has grown larger than one person. We need leaders that are inclusive and treat all humans with th

      Collection and enhancement of accusations against Stallman reinstatement.

    1. Once a handicapped person, Bruce Perence realized the gravity of attacking a disabled person like Stallman, and concludes accordingly: punishment must not last forever.

    1. doesn’t diversity also mean diversity of neurodivergent people, or at the very least some empathy and understanding when people’s exhibit a lack of social skills and behaviour considered creepy?

      This sentence is not supported further down the text, and the final conlusion that Stallman should step-down.

      Besides this and the pox about GCC-AST, nothing bad with this article

    1. it's too late what the hell am i supposed to do what do you want me to do start over well if i don't start over they'll never understand anything they won't know what it's about

      Richard Stallman Freaks Out and Has a Meltdown

      Video with Stallman's obviously ND behavior.

      Stallman was giving a speech in Brazil where they speak Portuguese. Stallman speaks English and Spanish, but not Portuguese. The audience was asked whether they want Stallman to present in Spanish (similar to Portuguese) or if he should present in English. The audience originally preferred English but they over estimated their ability to comprehend English. Part way through the speech, the coordinator asked Stallman to switch to Spanish. Stallman then has a meltdown as a result.

    1. Do not listen to Coraline Ada Ehmke or anyone like her! She is fuelled by hatred and bigotry herself. She is completely intolerant of other people’s views and regularly tries to destroy people she disagrees with.

      Cancel culture

    2. Some people have linked to the following article and suggested that he is transphobic: https://stallman.org/articles/genderless-pronouns.html

      About the transphobic accusations against Stallman, presented from a trans person

    3. Good defence of Stallman.

    1. EMACS Virgins has all the elements of the RMS saga:

      • accusations
      • excuses
      • counter accusations
      • fans fighting each other and supporting both sides.
    1. 14 September 2019 (Sex between an adult and a child is wrong) Many years ago I posted that I could not see anything wrong about sex between an adult and a child, if the child accepted it. Through personal conversations in recent years, I've learned to understand how sex with a child can harm per psychologically. This changed my mind about the matter: I think adults should not do that. I am grateful for the conversations that enabled me to understand why.

      Frank apology for his paidophilic-friendly views.

    1. “I wish an attractive woman had ‘abused’ me that way when I was 14.

      Is this pedophillic attitude?

    2. He referred to people deciding to “carry fetuses with Down’s syndrome to term” as “perverse” and said that there is “nothing virtuous” in “[increasing] the number of people that have Down’s syndrome.

      Is these the allegations!? That he believes Down syndrome should be avoided to reach pregnancy?

    1. and fast-forward 2019 someone whose job is to make automated weapons to make it easier for the US government (then led by the Trump administration) to kill Arab children wrote a full-on defamation article against RMS

      Is talking about Selam's article.

    2. . As far as I know, there no evidence of RMS being wrong. The key point is however, RMS NEVER DEFENDED EPSTEIN and in the video at 4:55 NCommander says RMS defended Epstein. That is just not true.

      This point show that the person in this video (due to his toxic past experiences in FSF0 is not trustworthy to judge RMS.

    3. you're quite willing to make compromises when it comes to using non-free software

      I get the sane feeling, from 12:00 and afterwards, that's the main accusation: FSF is very anti-proprietary, which drives people away.

      But that's a discussed-to-death issue, and the consensus is the FSF is not a run-of-the-mill activist organization, they do (and should) go to the extremes to defend freedom.

    4. We throw these “weirdos” to the dogs all of computer science loses out.
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