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  1. Aug 2022
    1. if you want to use an archived copy of a 2013 Web site, you need the 2013 Web platform

      Fortunately, the 2013 platform is a subset of the later one.

    1. we can’t know what trivial change to the environment might stop the experiment working, or (worse) make it appear to work but actually have a major change in it

      "can't is too strong a word here"

    1. In a world where all scientifically relevant information is stored in stable and well-defined open file formats, software tools can evolve much more freely without disturbing ongoing work or harming reproducibility.

      Good formulation! All scientifically relevant information—this demands that the programs themselves be "stored in stable and well-defined open file formats". This is precisely what is missing (both the mindset and the practice).

      I suspect, though, that the author themself has missed this and is thinking of the "software environments" (that he later refers to in this conclusion) as being outside this purview. But it need not (and should not) be.

  2. Aug 2021
    1. as the content of the document is available, the metadata will also be available, even to the point of printing the document, then scanning it and performing OCR on it