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  1. Oct 2020
    1. HTTP CLIENT SERVICE START/STOP An HTTP client can be configured to start when starting the Inets application or started dynamically in runtime by calling the Inets application API inets:start(httpc, ServiceConfig) or inets:start(httpc, ServiceConfig, How), see inets(3). The configuration options are as follows: {profile, profile()} Name of the profile, see DATA TYPES. This option is mandatory. {data_dir, path()} Directory where the profile can save persistent data. If omitted, all cookies are treated as session cookies. The client can be stopped using inets:stop(httpc, Pid) or inets:stop(httpc, Profile).

      inets:start() will automatically start the httpc service also!


    2. profile() = atom()

      This should be profile() = default | atom() because the httpc service is automatically started with the default profile (called default) when inets is started.

      See also How to get more information about error when starting Inets httpd?

    1. The HTTP client default profile is started when the Inets application is started and is then available to all processes on that Erlang node.
  2. Apr 2020