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  1. Mar 2024
    1. Then the other answered again, “Sir Gawain, so may I thrive as I am fain to take this buffet at thine hand,” and he quoth further, “Sir Gawain, it liketh me well that I shall take at thy fist that which I have asked here, and thou hast readily and truly rehearsed all the covenant that I asked of the king, save that thou shalt swear me, by thy troth, to seek me thyself wherever thou hopest that I may be found, and win thee such reward as thou dealest me to-day, before this folk.”

      The Green Knight shows his excitement to take the hit from Sir Gawain's hand in response to his wanting to take on the challenge. This implies a feeling of loyalty and willingness to carry out their end of the bargain. But then the Green Knight secretly changes the terms of the first agreement struck with King Arthur by adding a new condition to their agreement. The Green Knight adds a sense of mystery as well as potential risk for Gawain when he asks him to vow on his honor to find him later and offer a prize equal to the one he received today.