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  1. Jun 2024
    1. However, thisexpansion relates to the operative dimension of learning. Watchinga YouTube video, reading a digital text, or a ChatGPT response,does not mean that I have learned anything in the process

      Listening to a lecturer, reading a book or doing homework don't necessarily contribute to learning either. The point is not that digital technologies directly contribute to the content aspect of learning, but that the content aspect of learning is directly dependant on the operative. The operative can evolve, and new ways of relating to the world can develop. The potential of digital technologies lies in providing qualitatively new ways of contextualizing learning matters, thereby creating a learning environment that leans into affinitive learning movements. Most learning environments today lean into the definitive movements. Contexts are created in the users mind when relations between different books are understood intuitively. But this intuition can be described, visualized and co-created with other learners digitally.