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  1. Apr 2017
    1. rhetoric, the art of fine speaking, is all show, grounded in nothing but its own empty preten-sions, unsupported by any relation to truth.
    2. That is, he draws attention to his appearance, to his surface, and the suggestion of superficiality (a word to be understood in its literal meaning) extends to the word "act"; that is, that which can be seen.
  2. Mar 2017
    1. When argument is taken as display or presentation, then it eventually becomes a matter of my poster against yours, with the prize to the slickest performanc


    1. Inversely, it is within the general domain of writ-ing, defined in this way, that the effects of se-mantic communication can be determined as ef-fects that are particular, secondary, inscribed, and supplement


    1. ut for the analysis of the senses of "meaning" with which we are here chiefly concerned, it is desirable to begin with the relations of thoughts, words, and things as they are found in cases of reflective speech un-complicated by emotional, diplomatic, or other disturbances; and with regard to these, the indi-rectness of the relations between words and things is the feature which first deserves atten-tion.

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