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  1. Nov 2015
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    1. intellectual work involved in navigating modern borders and their myriad macro- and micro-political manifestations

      This sounds almost as speaking to the mathmoves and the field trips pieces, the navigation of borders in terms of the norms (remember the enforced "ideal participants" in the field trips piece or the instruction to behave like already being in the exhibit in the matmoves piece?)

    2. problematizing the view of out-of-school learning as “frivolous” or “incidental” does not mean that we should swing to the other extreme, “relegating all good things to out-of-school, with school only seen as a repressive space” (p. 83). This is particularly important for ethnographic research that seeks to understand learners’ experiences of educational exclusion and inclusion. Do the boundaries of certain educational con-texts or academic domains, inside or outside school, feel more or less

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      This helps a bit to answer my question from above - but I think it also relates to our conversations this week about desettling disciplines vs. desettling learning in general. Desettling can (and should) happen both outside and inside school, but it's also important to remember that definitional boundaries do exist for a reason, and practitioners should use caution and not just desettle for desettling's sake.