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  1. Jul 2019
    1. The representors are created by the host PCI driver whenset in SRIOV and the e-switch is configured to switchdevmode. Currently, in mlx5 the e-switch management is donethrough the PF e-switch vport and hence the VFrepresentors along with the existing PF net-device whichrepresents the uplink share the PCI PF device instance

      当在SRIOV中设置并且e-switch配置为switchdev模式时,表示符由主机PCI驱动程序创建。 目前,在mlx5中,e-switch管理是通过PF e-switch vport完成的,因此VF表示器与现有PF网络设备一起完成,后者表示上行链路共享PCI PF设备实例

    2. Traditional hypervisors expose emulated or para-virtual(PV) devices to guest virtual machines and multiplex theI/O requests of the guests onto the real hardware throughthe software switch residing in the host OS

      传统的虚拟机管理程序将仿真或半虚拟(PV)设备暴露给guest 虚拟机,并通过驻留在主机操作系统中的软件交换机将guest 的I / O请求多路复用到真实硬件上

    3. This way the OVS code does not “change”... we plug ournew dpif HW acceleration module that exposes the sameAPIs that a dpif provider should expose and use thestandard dpif netlink.

      这样OVS代码就不会“改变”...... 我们插入了新的dpif硬件加速模块,它暴露了dpif提供者应该公开的相同API并使用标准的dpif netlink。

      Open-vSwitch nic HW acceleration ==> ASAP

    4. We have implemented and upstreamed a design that allowsto enjoy the performance advantages of SRIOV whilekeeping the flow based approach to guest traffic used inOpen-vSwitch


    5. In order to sup-port HW policy in OVS and to use TC it is required to havea new dpif provider which we named dpif-HW-acc whichaccording to policy either uses TC or dpif netlink.

      为了支持OVS中的HW策略并使用TC 需要有一个新的dpif提供程序,我们将其命名为dpif-HW-acc,根据策略使用TC或dpif netlink