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  1. Mar 2018
    1. “There was a lot of emotion in the air. We finished on a great note, and I’m really excited about that. But we’re ready. We are so ready. Let’s get going.”

      The use of this final quote, concludes the article and gives a direct quote for reference and reality. Another linguistic aspect of modality.


      The dates and titles of the sub-headers give a time reference, allowing readers to see the progression of the dancers and their mission.

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      As the importance of visual modes is important, this extends to what is being photographed. Seeing the dancers in this element makes them more relatable.

    4. Westside Cultural Arts Center.

      The hyperlinking of this portion of the text, is an important aspect in multi modality. It gives reader the opportunity to further research whatever the topic may be. In this case, readers can see more about the Westside Cultural Arts Center. And as a plus, this link opens in a new tab - and readers do not stray too far from the article.

    5. Terminus has established significant partnerships right out of the gate. For at least the first two years, the home headquarters for Terminus will be the Westside Cultural Arts Center.

      The Balls text discusses that through the use of various modes is important, sometimes the best way to explain something is through words. In this the author explains the popularity of Terminus, and as you read further the impact that the group has.

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      The photograph (left) of the dancers is the first one in the text, aside from the video that is in the beginning. This image "puts a face to a name" . For readers that did not watch the video, it gives a more positive receival of the dancers.

    7. And yet they formed in a tight circle in a corner of the garage and began to loosen up under the direction of Tara Lee, in her 21st season as a star with Atlanta Ballet.

      The chunking of the text makes it easier to read, which aids in the comprehension of the text as well as its aesthetics. This setup of the text is apart of the linguistic mode , presented in the Ball text.

    8. On a sultry Thursday evening in late April, only three weeks before the Atlanta Ballet season finale, five current and former company dancers gathered in an enclosed parking garage inside the Westside Cultural Arts Center to greet their future. The hard, bare concrete floor was hardly optimal for dance — far removed from the state-of-the-art dance studios they were accustomed to. There was no massive stereo system to pipe in their music, only an Apple laptop and a set of computer speakers. There wasn’t even air conditioning to dampen the sweaty heat, just the slightly cooled night air from outside.

      The words the the author uses to describe the gathering of the Atlanta dancers are formal and inviting. This linguistic mode has a lot to do with the way in which readers receive what is being presented to them. For example, describing the Thursday evening as "sultry" , as well as the brief bu thorough description of the air, gives imagery and sets somewhat of a serene/relaxed mood.

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      The article initially grabs the attention of the reader by displaying a video. Rather than bombarding the reader with words, the article allows for an introduction through visuals as well as first hand recounts from the individuals. This depicts the visual and aural aspects of the Ball reading. Through this, the reader is able to get a more personal view of what the article is about, which is typically easier to pay attention to than reading a lengthy article that discusses the same things. The readers listen to the voices of the dancers, which brings forth a more of a connection through tone of voice and emotion.

    10. The inside story of Terminus, the new dance company by five ex-Atlanta Ballet dancers

      I will be linking this text in reference to Kristin Arola and Cheryl Ball's "What are Multimodal Projects?" from their book Writer/Designer, which allows for further understanding of the purpose of this article.

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      "Forty Years Later, the Golden Record Goes Vinyl" is my supplemental text, which is an online article about sound recordings. This record was a way David used multi modality to communicate with others.