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  1. Aug 2021
    1. This could be why there is a growing resistance to the streaming culture, with vinyl sales experiencing colossal growth, overtaking CD sales for the first time since the 1980s.

      Just like making a choice not to shop through amazon, or not to take a flight, the way someone listens to music can now be dictated by their sense of social responsibility.

    2. Both Tunstall and Sanchez have created Patreon sites, where users pay a monthly fee to access exclusive music and an opportunity to communicate with the artists personally.

      There really should be a member feature on Spotify just like YouTube and Twitch has theirs.

      Integrated merch shop and touring schedule on the artist's page would be of huge help as well I am sure.

      For now though it is up to individual listeners to go out of their way to support their favourite artists.