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  1. May 2015
    1. Learn about the difference between homeopathy vs naturopathy

      This is an easy one.

      Homeopathy is a disproven process of treatment that came about when doing nothing was often better than going to the doctors of the day. It has remained popular among a fringe group of people that don't understand science or why everything else that was popular at the time (leeches, blood letting, etc) has been discarded.

      Naturopathy is an umbrella term used by people that don't understand science, nature or what is actually natural and try to lump alternatives to actual treatment together to give it a more believable status. What they don't appear to be capable of seeing is that despite the vast bulk of these things being totally implausible and actually disproven the various things promoted under the term Naturopathy often contradict each other.

      The cognitive dissonance is strong in these ones.